Cook Book - Summer

Cook Book - Summer

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Food to make you love the season. Four seasonal books available.

Thirteen cherished recipes roaming the globe and featuring the best spring produce. Starting out with breakfast and finishing with dessert, the recipes are mostly vegetarian and include:

SPRING Greens and barley soup with asparagus, peas and a lick of green garlic | Fried turmeric fish with dill and noodles from Vietnam | Artichokes for pizza, paella … | Broccoli mallum | Egyptian rice with lentils and vermicelli | Strawberry and coconut cake.

WINTER Pan-fried silverbeet and feta flatbreads | Chipotle potato tacos | Pasta with cauliflower and olives | Okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake) with homemade sauce | Real raspberry jelly slice.

AUTUMN Figs with Nepali coconut semolina | Tomato sambal to stash in the freezer for the best stir-fries | A pumpkin pizza you may not have met before | Sri Lankan beetroot curry | A three ingredient ‘cake’ of apples and limes.

SUMMER Tomato and tofu stir-fry from Cambodia | Green bean, coconut and yoghurt salad from South India | Greek stuffed tomatoes | No-churn plum ice-cream | Apricot pie to make time stop for a moment.

Words and photos by Rachel Pitts. Design and illustration by Nicole Stewart. Printed in Melbourne on recycled paper.